I need to but an APEX controller


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Well my old controller is going buts first it started with PH number way off now my temp. Been thinking of maybe buying the full APEX anyone know where I can buy one at the best price.


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I just picked up a used unit. I don't know how i ran my tank without one. Its ridiculous the amount of control you can manage with it.


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Basic system with lab grade probe is $525 at MD, $515 at Vivid and $550 at Amazon. Directly from Neptune it's $550 with the lab grade probe or $525 from Vivid with lab grade. When I started my search I didn't expect Neptune to be higher than stores but there you go.


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The full gives you so many other options, Danny with your size tank you will need a full. You can only plug in 4 modules or Energy bars to an apex jr