I ordered one!


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Well, after weeks of research and many questions here, I ordered a bimac from ffexpress.com. These are tank raised bimacs, and apparently there aren't many left. Click here to see the site. It's about 1/2 way down in the middle column. From searching this forum, ffexpress offered a stay alive guarantee on this, but only for RC members.

Lets hope everything goes alright, and I'll certainly post pictures when it arrives!

One question - how long do I acclimate it?

I have acclimated all my cephs in under 30 minutes. I think the less time they spend in the dirty shipping water the better. I just make sure temp is the same and salinity and pH. Bimacs are very hardy. Some of the ones I have kept I just opend the bag and dropped them right in with out a problem.
Let us know when you get yours in. I'd be suprised if it wasn't trying to get out of the bag shortly after opening it. Hook us up with some pics and interesting stories....
Good Luck...
Thanks guys - pictures will follow a little later, I have several. I ordered a bimac.

Is this acclimation normal? Here's what happened...

He was packaged from ffexpress.com very well, probably with some ice in the box to keep him cool. I acclimated him over 3 hours (due to someone in my house and I wanted to wait until they left). No ink in the bag! He is about the size of a large gumball. Very small!

When I opened his container and let him free into my tank, he quickly changed color to match the rocks, then explored the tank.

After about 3-4 minutes, I slowly started to stand up, and that must have spooked him. He inked in my tank (not much, just a small puff). He then explored more, and eventually stuck himself to the glass on the side of the tank. The tank has been kept dark all day. It's also at 77 degrees, which is as cold as I can get it in my basement.

He's been on the glass for several hours, and hasn't moved. Is this normal? I offered him a hermit, and he didn't touch it. I just bought ghost shrimp and lots of hermits, so I'll offer him more later.

Is this normal????
give him some time to get used to the tank. I tried feeding mine the night he arrived, about 6 hours after he had entered the tank and he ate a hermit. Dont be concerned until he doesnt eat for a day or two.