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Okay, here's the challenge. I'm thinking of something, and the category is "captive-reef life-form." You can only ask YES/NO-questions, but you can ask as many as you like. However, you are only allowed one final guess and your guess must take the form of a photo along with the name. Without the proper photo, the guess is void, and additional guesses will be ignored even if correct.

The first part of this game will end upon the first correct guess, with +2 points going to the winner. The second part of the game is an attempt to steal. The first person, within 72 hours of the declared win, to post a link to a commercial website with the same photo, and I mean the same photo (digital edits not withstanding), as presented by the winner, will successfully steal +1 points from the winner.

Obviously, there is an advantage to taking your own photo or finding one that is unique. Any mismatch of photo and name will result in -1 points for the disinformation.

Once complete, this riddle will be replaced by another and scores will be a running tally. Names and scores will be kept in a public Google Docs file and a link will be provided. To ensure fairness I will PM the correct answer to Waterkeeper at the start.

Sorry Waterkeep, you're not eligible. ;)

I'm going to try and keep this first one fairly simple. If for no other reason, because I'm no expert on marine life forms and want to be able to answer the questions. For subsequent games I would like someone who knows a great deal about a particular creature to offer their knowledge for the next riddle.

Sound good? Okay, once again, the category is "captive-reef life-form", only YES/NO-questions, and your answer must take the form of a photo along with the specific (though not necessarily scientific) name.

Lets start! :)


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Thanks, WK!!

Motile with eyes but no bones and smaller than 2"..... and not a crustacean. It has a shell.

Is it a gastropod?


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is it this fella


that link didnt work for me so pic no 1 here http://images.google.com/images?sou...&sa=X&oi=image_result_group&resnum=1&ct=title

Wouldn't that be a crustacean?

Is it