ich article and my success


Hi Steven,

1st a great article, you kept it easy to read and covered the subject in great detail. Nice work. 2nd I have to report my success with the hypo salinity and daily water changes. When my rabbitfish came down with ich(in the qt!) I lowered the salinity to 1.010 over a peroid of a few days. While i was doing this I did about 15-20% water changes daily and completly cleaned the bottom of the tank each day. I also took out and cleaned the inside of the pvc pipe of all signs of the ich. I am happy to report the ich was cured in about 7 to 10 days with no medication used. I left the fish in the qt for 4 weeks from the last sign of ich to be sure and it never came back.
Congrats on your success, yes thank heavens for hypo, a damsel of mine has ick, and he is being treated, success so far :D
Excellent protocol! A quarantine tank, hyposalinity, and daily water changes. You can't ask for much more.