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i introduced a large blue hippo tang a few weeks back and like an idiot i didnt quarentine first .... about a week ago i noticed a few little bumps on him so i soaked some seaweed in garlic and fed him a few times and the next day they were almost gone and the day after that they were completly gone...now today when the lights turned on he is covered in not only the little bumps like he had before but theres also little white dots all over too :eek2: looks like ich to me so i have a few questions... first off i kno i need to catch him and put in a hospital tank and i have a 30g that im not using that should work perfectly but seeing how its empty ATM would i be ok just taking 30g of water from my display??? also how should i go about catching him???
Taking 30g from the display is an ideal source for starting QT, since you won't need to acclimate the fish to new water chemistry. Think of it as a convenient reason for a big water change. :D

For catching him, try the net once, see if you have any success. I'd suggest moving to a fish trap if that doesn't work.
i tried the net and as soon as i put it in the tank he went into the rocks :rolleyes: so i just went to big al's to see about getting a trap and they were $50 :eek2: thats a bit pricey so i guess its back to the net...anyone kno of any DIY traps that may work???
just out of curiosity what is your temp doing? if it changes more than 2 degrees in 24 hours, that could be your problem. i know tangs can be ich magnets if the temp swings too much. check your temp b4 the lights come on and b4 they go off as long as there isn't anymore than 2 degrees difference, you should be ok. if there is, get a chiller or a heater, whichever one is necessary.