ID please of problem with Clown *Pic Intense*


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Not sure what is wrong with him... If anyone can ID then we can begin to treat.

He's the male of a mated pair
Has been in tank for 3 months
No other tankmates bother him
He's eating like a pig
He's swimming and cozies up to a torch or alveopora
He looks the worst today but has had these problems for a month or better
He doesn't really seem to be bothered much but he looks awful

His tail is Chewed Up
Looks like bruising (could be stings from torch or alveopora)
White lesion just above his eye
Possibly a white sheen all over? Hard to tell because he's fast!

Any ideas what we are dealing with here? Again, he's eating well and acting normal.










Craig Lambert

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Those look like sting marks from the anemone. It is actually a common occurance and does not hurt the fish. It just causes some discoloration. If that's what it is, the marks will dissapear in about 48 hours. This happens on occassions to one of my true percs as well.


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Looks like the beginning stages of what killed my clowns last month. They looked like yours and that night they died. Never found out what it was.


Dingo Dog

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You might want to move your post to the "Fish Disease Treatment" forum instead. I've never seen anything like what your clown has before. Best of luck to you and your fish.


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We had someone at our LFS (had them view these pic) say it was "clown disease" .... and that there isn't much you can do about it....

There isn't an anemone in the tank, he hosts in a torch for the most part...

Two things that puzzles us the most:

-He acts very normal and
-He has had varying degrees of this for the last month...

Are these slow diseases (and actually which one is it) .. I got the impression that most of them kill quickly..

It's confusing -- I was reading about brooklynela (sp) and yup I could get there but then again we were reading about fin rot -- yup that too.... ich? Not so sure.... general bacteria infection... yup that too. And for the most part different treatments are recommended.

I did post this over in the other forum but with no responses after a couple hours -- I thought I would try here to at least get some ideas.... but I will keep checking over in the disease forum...

Thanks for the responses... I think it's bothering us more than him!


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I agree it looks like the disease of brook. I had a clown that looked fine for a day, then he had the same white/bruised spots on his gills. He was gone withing 2 days. Jon


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i would lean towords brooklynella also. esp if no other fish are showing any signs of disease. i would remove him to a hospital tank and try treating with formalin