ID please?


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Hi there Dr. Roy, was wondering if you could ID this little guy. About 2" long, I believe it came in from a Fiji LR shipment
amazing little critter. does anyone know where to find these? i'd gladly pay $50 for one.
Sure looks a lot like that beautiful mantis another reefer asked for ID on. Gonodactylaceous ternatenses. A rare and beautiful find. It's hard to tell from your pics but check the previous threads, ther are pics. Lucky.

I'm temp keeping him in the shipping container in my main tank, I've put in some 3"-4" conch shells for him to hide in. shooting me dirty looks, nothing new till he figures out I'm the guy who supplies dinner.

The new tank should be up and running in about a week at most, I'm going to cycle it with water and LR from my other systems.
This is a color morph that I have never seen, but there is a clue as to the species. Notice the red spot at the base of each uropod. This only occurs in one species that I'm aware of - Gonodactylus smithii which is common on Fiji. I bet that the meral spots are purple to marroon with a white border. If so, that nails it.

I got a piece of LR from Fiji from one of the LFS's here in town. Had a hitchhiker too, sort of an olive green. But their LR doesn't have mantis shrimp, after all, it's cured!
Must have teleported in...
too bad you can't arrange for more hitch hikers like that one.


well, I had to give away the 20L with the O. scycallarus (sp) in it. long story short, big leak, had to move several tanks, and no room in the inn. The big surprise was when Kyle (the blue g. smithii) pops out of a piece of LR that was moved to another tank. Bigger surprise is that Kyle is now a bright, emerald green, but the purple and blue are still hinted at. "He's" taking to hammering away at the rock, I guess he's building better digs. The previously mentioed hitchhiker from the Fiji rock took a 1" long, 1/2" wide hole in a dead porites colony and dug out a 3" deep, 4" wide, 1" high trench, in about a week of very determined effort.
I'm going to be moving the tank contents to a larger one, I'm thinking about either isolating the LR by itself in the tank, or fishing it out. I don't want him eating the mated coral banded shrimp I want to move into there. So far, he's been a pretty good neighbor, the orchid dottyback that survived the tank debacle (I had to break down the 29g too, lost an one orchid dottyback and a kole tang) keeps poking his head into his lair. I keep expecting him to get nailed and become mantis food, but so far...
I have not seen any this color. It might be or it might be from the family Odontodactylus scyallarus.