ID weird thing please


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I feel bad for posting so many threads all the time but oh well!!!

This is in my QT, had rock in there at one stage but recently took it out. Will be putting my first fish into QT tomorrow so please let me know asap if this thing is a bad guy!

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It may also be a harmless sphaeromatid isopod. If it can curl into a ball like a pill bug it's a sphaeromatid. If it can't it's a cirolanid.


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Also if you found it while the lights on it is less likely to be cirolanid. But if found just as you turned on the light it may be either of the above. Cirolanids don't like light.


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Thanks guys
found with light on in 10 gal QT tank, nothing in it but a powerhead, filter intake (from the built in hood filter) and a heater. Slight issue, clowns arrived nice and early, 9am here, but I couldn't find that thing last night or this morning.... uhoh