I'm redoing my nano


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Now that I have a MH on my nano I'm kinda starting over.
It did well for about the first year but even though I replaced the pc bulbs alot of my corals either died or got brown in there.

I got the viper MH from secrest and it came with a 14k bulb but being it doesnt have any actinic it was like the sun lol and the corals still looked brownish to me. It was to white for me so I replaced the bulb with a new 20k I got on ebay for $25 with shipping (you cant beat that).

So I just moved some of my acans to the nano and a few zoa's I got from Lisa.

My camera isnt the greatest but heres some picts. I'm still not sure what I'm gonna do with this tank as far as corals.
It really looks much better in person.



This is the acan I got from Bill (Siropa) I love it. I also got a small one on the bottom.


These are some of my others. I still have some in my 55 also.
The right one was sold to me as a micromussa but I'm not sure cuz the full grown polyps are almost or as big as some of my acans.


The small blob in the front of this acan was my botched attempt at fragging one with a bonecutter lol. It's been 3 weeks and is still alive though so I have hope.



This is the pink shroom in my avatar. As you can see the pc's totally browned it out (also blurry lol). It's actually showing a pink hue now again so I'm hopeful it will come back.


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It's just a 70w but plenty to light that tank. Would be plenty to light a bigger one if I kept the 14k bulb in it.

I wish they made like a 17k lol. The 14 is to white and although I like the color of the 20k it could be a little brighter.
Ideally would be if I had an actinic t5 or pc on it.

No fish. When it was covered I had several fish jump into the back part where it was impossible to get them out.
I thought of putting eggcrate on it and on the hole on the back where they can retrieve to but dunno if I want to.

I love the light but I do miss the cover on the tank. It had way less evaporation and I miss the actinic cycle and moonlights.
Prolly wont get as hot in summer though so it has it's pros and cons.