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If Im running xm 10k, will adding super actinc VHOs improve the color in my corals? or should i change the halides to 20k?

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If you want try the 250w Radium 20k HQI. TPheonix 14k are also nice. They should give you good PAR and color. That way you dont have to add the VHO. Less cost on bulb replacement and energy.


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What is optimally the best color for coral growth??? I thought the closer you were to 10K the better the growth??? But I see alot of tanks going with 20K's???


10k are good for growth, I get amazin growth with my 10 xms, but the colors are not great.


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What about the Reeflu 12K? Are they good for color? I am running two 250watts SE with Ice Cap E-ballast.

If I switch those out with 20K and take out my VHO. How long do I have to leave them on ?

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Out of all the choices listed above i can say with out a doubt the 20k helios are awsome. My second choice would be the reeflux 10k or 12k bulb is off the hook as well. Good luck with your lighting choice as they are way to many these days. I will say that actincs are always a good choice with halides.



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Aquaconnect 14k's are par hogs and your will get good color to beat. IMO, I'd rather have colorful corals that large sticks that are off.


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Look at the 14K Aquaconnect...good combination of color and growth. I have them on my display and QT.


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I run the aquaconnect and get good growth and ok color. I did like my xm20k better for color but the growth wasnt there.


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I like 12k reeflux's but only if your running 400w. The 250w don't look as nice. 20k helio are also nice.


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Go for the Aquaconnects. They have a very well balanced spectrum. It looks awesome and gives great growth.


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Just pick one that you like to look at and tune the tank accordingly, the colors will come with time and balance.


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I just switched over from 250w 14k DE Phoenix to 250w SE Reeflux 10ks. I supplement these with 4 VHO actinics. All I can say is WOW! I believe this is the best lighting combo I've tried thus far... by far!!!


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the 14K DE Phoenix is great

the 14K DE Phoenix is great

Operational cost, price point and overall coloration balanced with reasonable growth...the 14K DE Phoenix is great.

Owner of Salty Critter told me appears same or close to Aquaconnect. Used them for a year and am rather happy with them on my sunlight supply Dual HQI's.

As far as Mach5's post...If you do not care about the electrical costs (I'm able to light 2 tanks instead of 1 since I use the Phoenix without supplimentation) But A high quality 10K and almost equal atinic wattage is the best overall look in my opinion.
------>But if I did that on my setups...I'm running 4 tanks totaling 2000 watts. IF I went with the supplments I'd be at 3600 watts. So unless my coral addiction needs drop or I win the lottery, I'm going to stick with one bulb type. Based upon all of that. I'd recommend the Phoenix.
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