Interesting Arctilce from The Times


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interesting article. however I disagree about the high demand for grouper in the aquarium trade. grouper are just not that popular as aquarium fish. sure you are almost guaranteed to see a few stocked at the lfs, but I know from experience that not a ton are sold. I think most people realize that they just get too big.


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It's the live food fish trade that has put such a hurting on the grouper populations. Not exactly new, just new that these sort of issues are actually starting to make their way into the popular news. Even cyanide fishing for ornamental species has it's origin in being used for the live food fish trade to Asian markets.


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Yes, it was my understanding that the groupers were being taken for food in mostly Asia. They mention that the restaruants keep them in aquariums to grow them out for dinner in the future. I cannot beleive they are using dynamite on reefs, that is terrible.