iPad vs. PC laptop for Apex programming


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Our family PC is on the 3rd floor of our house, and the aquarium is in the basement, thus making it a complete pain to program my Apex (which I've heard is MUCH more forgiving on the web) as well as my EcoTech pumps and lights. If I see a screaming deal on either an iPad or Dell laptop, I'm thinking about buying it so that I can sit in front of the tank and piddle with things.

I'd love to gather users' opinions on which platform (Apple vs. MS) is easier to work with the Apex controller. Thanks! -Steve


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I have an ipad and love it, take it upstaris and program no problem, go into the bathromm and program no problem, go outside and program no problem, so i'd go with an ipad



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If you are using a browser (and not an app) to access/program the Apex, then the platform should not make a big difference, i.e. the user experience should pretty much be the same whether using Safari, IE, Firefox, etc. from iOS or Windows. Personally I like using a physical keyboard and mouse when typing/selecting fields etc., but I have a game table near my tank where I can sit and do this on my laptop.

The Neptune Apex apps for iOS and Android are somewhat less functional for programming outlets and viewing graphs, and you are unable to create outlets, access season tables, edit modules etc. from the app. But it is handy if you want to use a phone app to quickly turn off your skimmer so you can clean it, for example.