Is 10000gph too much on a 240?

Nick A

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I got 3 Koralia #4's coming in tomorrow from fishsupply :D, and am going to order another one before their sale ends. Later on I'll be ordering a couple of Tunze 6080's. The flow going through by sump will be about 1700-2000gph...about 700-1000 for the filter and 1000 for a CL with a OM 2-way squirt. After I order my skimmer in a few months I'll be aiming at a Tunze wavebox. The wavebox and squirt will really make some good random currents, but I'm still a bit worried about the waves and the seals on my tank...or am I being too cautious?

I'm thinking there won't be any deadspots with this much circulation, but as long as I can find a good place for the lps and clams they should be fine right? I know when I get sps towards the end of the year or so they'll love it.


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10000gph is the min, it is depending on what you are planning to keep. If it is going to be SPS only tank, you will need to add a few more power head. My 240g cube has 18000gph, not including the dual wavebox and still think it is not enough.

Nick A

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A good majority of the tank will be SPS...either that or full SPS. In addition to the 2 6080's I was thinking of getting either a couple more 6080's or 6100's hidden in deco-rock. I gotta have the pumps in the back or out of sight since my parents are all for the natural look. I wish my tank was drilled on the bottom so I could run a 4 way and a Dart. So that would bring me up to at least should be good as long as theres no dead spots right?


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i have 21000 running through my tank not including a wave box and i still want to add more flow...


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I won't tell you how much flow you need but what I can give you some captive sps tips.
1. gph is not an efficient way to measure flow in an sps tank
2. for example: if done properly a thriving reef can be acheived with 10x turnover.
3. sps are adaptable. they will grow to capture the flow that you give them.
4. whatever you start with, you will need more later.


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i only wish i have that much money to get that much flow ....

i am just thinking how long it'll last if it's glass tank with that much of flow, especially in a smaller tank.