Is it possible to not cycle?


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I've had my LR just sitting in my old 90 gal tank with a Green Chromis and 2 black mollies and about 12 nassarius snails waiting for the arrival of my new tank. It's been there for 6 months. I set up the new tank 10 days ago, moved all the LR and some of the LS. Never got an ammo spike. Moved the Chromis, mollies and snails about 5 days ago and all are well. Is it possible to not have a cycle?

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That's what happened to me.

I had my LR and DSB in two rubbermaid tubs after I broke down my 100g (sent back to make reef ready).

They sat like this for 4-6 months... then once my 100g was ready... I added it all back into the 100g.

I never really saw a cycle.... or nothing I could detect.


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thanks, that's what I thought but wanted to make sure. Only difference with me is that I used new sand and seeded with some old.


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if theres no die off in the transfer then theres nothing to be broke down into ammonia, therefore nothing to start a new cycle.


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Your pretty much right wrott. If you move everything over from an old system to a new system with out a lot of stress on the animals, which could greatly increase ammonia, then there is enough micro..stuff to handle little ammonia increases. You really have to have a good clean system first though, if levels are kind of funky to begin with the move would just make things a million times worse.

Some.. idiot at the LFS once told me cycling was stupid and you never needed to do it. He however had set up a 30 gallon tank with water and live rock from the stores displays tank, which at the time was extremely healthy.

If you add a lot of new live rock even if it's "cured" it can also cause serious problems. Though it may be safe to add to a large stable system a dramatic change like that could be very bad.

Almost everything is better when it's slow and subtle. If you move a tank into another of the same size and move absolutely everything safely, then all the changes is your walls. Just remember what cycling is all about, getting enough micro bacteria and organisms that can break down ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. (cycle-Nitrogen cycle)