Is my chiller running efficiently?

Bolo Tran

New member
I'm running Pacific Coast Imports 1/4 hp chiller in my 120 and have it set at 79 degrees. It kicks on when the tank hits 81 degrees and takes approximately 25-30 to get the temp back down to 79. Is it running like it should? I just feel that it's running to it's potential hence my higher electric bill.

How long does it take your chiller to get back down to target temp?


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We need more info,

1. Do you have a sump on the system? how large is the sump?
2. Do you have an enclosed canopy or a fixture?
3. Any fans blowing into the surface of the water?
4. Whats the total water volume of your system?
5. Whats the air temperature in the room tha tank is at?

with this info we can help you... but it looks like with a full set up 120g with halides maybe a 1/4hp might be on the small side