is someone going to stop me from breaking out the torch??


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Die Hydroids Die!!!
So I was grilling out last night and started the grill with a scripto windresistand grill lighter. It seems to be a butane torch like lighter. I took a small frag of rock from my sump that of course had hydroids on it. I burned them to a crisp! Oh what a great feeling it was! I put it back in the tank and monitored levels. Nothing changed.. Of course any pollutants exposed to the tank I have nothing to measure them with. Today the tank is the same as yesterday. I am curious if you guys would think this to be ok to do on a larger scale? I have tried everything on hydroids nothing is working but... Watching them shrivel in agony of flame brought some crazy self satisfaction. So what u guys think to burn them or not?


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You will kill most if not all life on the rock. When you put it back in the tank, they will decompose and pollute the tank.

Cook the rock? There wouldn't be any nutrients or light.


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thanks for the replys. At the very tip of the flame isnt the fuel burnt off?
Well.. I don't plan on doing the whole rock. They are colonial hydros. The main colony/patch is on one part of a rock maybe 1.5" by 1.5".
Cooking the rock is abit drastic approach also. It would kill quite abit of life as well. Also, I would be left with an empty tank of corals and fish for months. I would cure new rock seperate and exchange rock if it got to that.


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HMM, I see what you mean by only getting a small area of the rock. Most of the rock should be fine. At least it seems so. So would a direct source point of heat work on other things? I'm thinking soldering iron.