Is something trying to eat my dendros?


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Generally speaking my dendros are happy and healthy

Dendros happy.jpg

Every day this week I've woke up to find a 1/4" x 1+" tube sack thing on my dendro colony.

Dendros w_sack.jpg

It's empty like a used cocoon (reminds me a bit of a shed snake skin) but the polyp it is on doesn't want to open. I scrape it off every day and every night it comes back!

Is something trying to eat my dendros?

Only other info is I recently had some kind of bristle worm hitch hike in. Seems there is a kind that will 'lick to death' gorgonians.

Egg sack or saliva sack?
Infestation of some kind? Dip it?



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Houston, we have a problem!!!


It's obvious the polyp that is not opening has been attacked, the mouth and an edge have pieces missing :(

This means war!


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Maybe doing a dip might help if anything is on there. I would ask about doing one as I am not a pro at that. But I have been given the opinion on doing dips in fresh temp ready RO/DI water on a few of my corals and it worked. Again, do ask...quickly.