Copperband Butterfly 2.5 Days in, Not Eating.


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The most popular issue with Copperbands, they go on a “food strike and stop eating”.

There he was, “fat”ter, no signs of disease and eating Brine/Mysis like a pig every time I had the LFS guy put it in his tank. So I took the leap and grabbed him.

First night in QT (with a small flame angel who is not aggressive what so ever) picked very seldomly on garlic soaked Mysis. The next morning, no interest. Tried regular uncooked Mysis (frozen and defrosted) and nothing. Then I read about live muscles and clams.

I went to the store, grabbed muscles since they were out of clams and he picked it twice then was uninterested again.

This fish seems to do the stress swim in and down the glass and I can’t seem to get him to relax.

Water perimeters have been stable. I have an aerator, HOB little filter, PVC, lights and a small power head.

I’ve turned the lights off and just using natural sunlight in hopes for less stress and the power head off.

This far, I’ve tried split half shelled clams, Mysis, spirulina brine, blood worms, muscles, and the mega pack (recommended by store).

Am I doing something wrong? I’ve been in (and out) of this saltwater game for 12 years now. Never owned one of these guys.

What will A.) get him to relax (tips and tricks) and B.) besides live Black worms, what will get this guy to eat from experience.


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I’ve tried both so far..and no luck. He does seem more calm at night (stationary). Today is technically day 3, so I will keep it going with new food options.

I know some people say about a week sometimes for these guys to come around from what I’ve read, so I’m hopeful he’s just as stubborn as I am.