Is there anything cheaper then Dts


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Is there anything cheaper but as healthy for your tank as Dt's. I am not looking for anything dead.

How much and where to find a setup to grow my own plankton?
I've been growing my own phyto for a while now. It's cheap and easy. I have a section about it on my website.
Theres another product called Promordial Soup ... similar to DT's, but not as concentrated. I bought a quart for $7.99 at my lfs.
Flame*Angel & CAPT PETE,

Thanks for posting the good info about DIY. Do you guys happen to know about temperature issues with a set up like that? Mine would have to set-up in the garage.
:wavehand: ooh! i know, i know! no, temperature has not been an issue in my algae culture. i'd suppose higher temperatures will yield faster growth, which is also a potential disaster since it can crash a culture. anywho, just make sure you divy up the culture every once in a while to keep things in check.
fourhand2 is right, temperature doesn't seem to be an issue. I have my cultures in an unheated basement, it gets cold in the winter and hot in the summer, no noticeable difference in the cultures whatsoever.
Just to add more info on how-to. I have this article up on Home phyto culture, which might be helpful. Plus Flame angels website (besides the righteous index page) has a nice setup as well.

Heat is not an issue with Nannochloropsis(same phyto as DT's) since it can withstand a broader temp and salinity range than others. If you wish to keep other cultures the setup will have to be more closely monitored.
Florida Aqua Farms can get you setup reasonably. Adam