Is there help for my poor Baby Maxima?


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I just got two beautiful clams a week ago today from Clams Direct. They are both Maximas. The water quality is +/- perfect (the pH runs a little low when I turn on the light) the calcium and light and everything in the tank has been done knowing we were to get these guys. I was certain we had the perfect environment. This morning I got up, looked in the tank and noticed that the smaller Maxima had some mucus across the front (top to bottom) of the shell. But he looked fine ther than that. I figured something might had settled on him overnight from the Xenia or something. I went home at lunch, and turned on the light and the poor little guys looked as though he was eaten by something. I got a new food storage container, poked some holes to allow water to flow, and wired it to the top edge of the tank, I scooped him up (he did close) and I placed him in this makeshift hospital. I put a few layers of parchment paper to shade him. I did not want to move him out in fear he would not properly acclimate and any chance to save him would be lost. I have attached a couple of images I just ran home to take, and he still responds to the movement but not like he did. Is there anything I can do to save him? The larger Maxima is looking just fine. Please help!
Unfortunately, based on that pic that clam is a goner (in the pic it looks like you can see right through it to the sand). There is really nothing you can do to save it at this point.
Yep looks like a goner to me. I just lost a maxima this morning and I'm somewhat bummed out. :( My clam looked exactly likes your.
Unfortunately that clam is not likely to make it. Sometimes shipping stress will lead to a clams demise slowly. Have you been feeding it?
I tested the tank and everything is right on. The little thing died this morning. From Clams Direct forum I learned that it could have been something in my tank like a worm or crab. I am going to reevaluate the placement of some things to insure that my other clam is not in harms way.
Thanks for all the replies.