Issue with Tunze Comline Wavebox 6208


New member
I purchased the Tunze Comline Wavebox 6208 from BRS.

I have a few questions that I can't figure out from the instructions or the forums.

1. There is a white plug on the bottom of the wave box. I've heard on the forums I should remove it. Do you agree? What is the purpose of this plug?
2. There are a number of jumpers for the power supply. It is unclear if I should change them. Will the lower voltage change the noise?
3. The box creates a nice wave but the pulse makes a loud noise. It is so bad you can hear it in the next room. Any suggestions?
4. The box creates a number of micro-bubbles. Is that normal?
5. I don't have the skimmer lid. On the top back there is a small hole that fills with water as it is making waves. This also make a sloshing noise. Should I move up the box above the level of that hole.