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Lost your email so thought I might catch you here.

Have bought things here and there with you in the past (great service). Quick question: In the next few months I will need to make a decent size order for dry goods. Do you offer some kind of free shipping for orders over $500.

I'll be moving from Houston to Chicago near Christmas. Maybe it would be possible to pick up an order, I could wait till then. Trying to figure out if its on my trip up.

Hi Jay,

You can email me at sales@premiumaquatics.com

When you get ready to order, just email me your list and i'll see what kind of discount/deal we can get you.

If you move to Chicago and want to pick up that is no problem, we are about 3 1/2 hours away though, pretty long haul, you would have to pay 6% indiana tax too, so might be cheaper to ship it to you in Chicago.


Thanks Jason, always great service.

Do you think the AquaC Urchin Pro is to much skimming for a 40g with a 20g sump?

I don't think you can really have too much skimmer, unless you really go big. SO i think that would be fine to use, or you could use the regular size one too i think. If you think you might go larger tank in the future, then i would go PRO.