Kalkwasser Mix and Aptaisa


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anyone ever try this to burn and eventually kill aptasia?
a buddy told my about it
he said just use a turkey baseter and a very high dose of kalk mix and concentrate on the aptasia
let me tell you i noticed it working instantly

saline solution

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Barely works. Better to inject it into them with a hypodermic needle from your local pharmacy. If they are big you can try to get them to let go, and manually remove them. Most thinks don't work though. Best to cook the rock and move on.


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Usually have big success in injecting white vinegar in them. You have to inject it rather quickly beofor it closes down when you stick the needle in it.


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I have had great luck with the kalk paste you are speaking of. I use a hyperdermic needle with it and try to INJECT the aiptasia but generally just end up covering the aiptasia with the paste. Works great.


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i did it about 5 hours ago and within seconds they were about 95 percent gone will no by sure tomarow i guess


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You don't want kalk mix, you want kalk paste. After you mix the kalk if you OD it, then at the bottom of the container is this really thick white stuff, it's like a paste.

Turn off the pumps, powerheads, returns, anything that moves water. Take the white kalk paste (should look thicker then milk) in a syringe (I use one from an old test kit) and try to squirt the kalk in the mouth of the aiptasia before it closes. Then be relentless with it and cover the thing.

Leave the pumps off for twenty minutes or so, then just keep a return pump running for the next or or two. After that the thing will be dead.

I have done this many many times on many many tanks. Has always worked for me, my friends, my neighbors, there friends, well you get the picture. Part of me really thinks that products like Joe's Juice are just dehydrated kalk.

I have tried boiling water, lemon juice, white vinegar, Red Sea's products, and Joe's but the kalk has worked the best for me.



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Try Red Sea Aptasia X. It works a lot better than kalk, and much less messy.

Unless you injected them with the kalk, most of those aptasia will grow back.

Craig Lambert

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When I used paste I got rid of a couple, but the rest always seemed to come back. I didn't have a huge Aptasia problem, but I had a half dozen that were verry difficult to kill. Two were in hard locations to reach. I bought 3 peppermint shrimp and all my Aptasia were gone within a week.