killing shrooms


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would Peroxide injected into shrooms kill them? I have way to many shrooms and they are getting out of control, I can't remove the rock as it is the bottom pieces and don't wanna tear down the tank and also don't wanna break the rock. so would injecting Peroxide into the shrooms kill them? or any other ideas on how to kill shrooms? I'm only planning on killing a few every now and then so not to create ammonia or other problems.



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Peroxide should do the trick to knock them back. I would also run some fresh carbon to soak up any nasties the shrooms release

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If you can easily reach them, I have found cutting them close to the base with a sharp pair of nail scissors to be the most effective way to remove them. That way, you remove most of the body from the tank and only a small part rots away.


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thanks guys, I will deff be running carbon. I will also try the nail clippers to remove as much as I can to begin with.