I want to start stocking my reef equipment ahead of home purchase. What can I buy now?


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I cannot wait until I (hopefully) purchase my first home this year but ill need to wait atleast 6 months and since I sold all my reef stuff years ago other than gadgets, I'll need to purchase all new equipment, supplements, rock etc.

However I do not want to wait until then and have to make a large purchase at once. SO I would like to start killing some of the costs now but I dont want to buy something only for a new version to come out then or buy something and find out it is defective in 6 months.

What equipment or supplies can I buy now?

SO far ive got my rodi unit because I figured those probably wont change too much in 6 months.
Any idea what size aquarium you want? You could go ahead and get your sump pump if you’re going the sump route, or a protein skimmer if you plan to use one. Lighting is another big ticket item. You may want to buy yourself a gift certificate to your local fish store…that way you don’t have to worry about any defective equipment or upgrades between now and when you get the house. It’s a win win if you ask me. You will have essentially set that money aside for future use, and don’t have to worry about stealing from your aquarium fund.
Can’t go wrong with that advice. If you know the size tank, you could likely go protein skimmer, return pumps, wavemakers, lighting, controller (if you want one), etc.

The only one you really need to “worry” about, if you want latest and greatest, is lighting. They typically come out with a new light or new generation of light every year. Most go with LED which has the frequent “upgrades”. T5 and Halide stay the same for the most part with few if any changes in several years.

Can’t say I’ve seen many other items really being updated frequently.
yea the lighting will proably have to wait because I dont know what length tank Ill end up with.. I have an idea of gallon size but not enough of the dimensions to choose lighting yet.

I was thinking about wavemakers.. probably gonna go ecotech. Do you guys think they will still have the current qds as their most current product?
Was also thinking about grabbing the neptune apex now as well. assuming they wont have a new apex this year.
probably wont do anything with pumps yet because not sure what route ill end up going with pumps..

id be interesting in dosers, atos, fuge lighting, rocks, reactors.. test equipment, salinity checkers, possibly sumps but not sure on that.

I actually still have a litermeterIII but not sure ill be using that.
Most of what you mentioned is pretty standard across the board.

As for ecotech, I honestly have no clue what updates they plan. I don’t know what their average schedule is.

They just came out with a bunch of new apex’s last year and before that I think was 2016 or 2020 (not 100%) so you should be good there.
The Litremeter can be used for dosing and an ATO.
Best thing ever, DO NOT discount it.
You can also use it as an automatic water changer.
It is capable of running 3 pumps with 1 unit and is repairable.
Decide if you want a refractometer or a Hydrometer for salinity.
Test kits expire so wait on them, just decide on a brand.
Fuge depends on space available under the tank unless you plan on a basement or separate room for equipment.
I just use a standard tank for my sump.
Take a look @ Hydros for a controller.
Many do not like the Echotech mobius interface so do some research on that.
Check here for some used equipment.