Large Tank Teardown Advice?


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I am considering getting out of the hobby and taking my 360 gallon tank down although I'm not even sure where to begin. Mostly SPS so that likely makes it more difficult to find interest. Just wondering if anyone who has gone through this before has advice or lesson they learned they could share.


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Good luck! I've done some tank decommissions and they aren't fun. None as large as 360 gal though. I found that trying to offload online is best. Last resort would be to bringing livestock to LFS, but usually they only give store credit.


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You need to find a store or start listing all of your stuff on local forums and other sites to get rid of the livestock and corals obviously. You should have no problem selling the live rock either. The equipment is what is the hard part, I just went thru this same thing with my 625g three months ago.