Leaf fish


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So I am still thinking about what I want to put in my 39g once it is finished cycling, I want it to be a reef with zoas, rics, clams, and someday sps. I was wondering if anyone that has experience with leaf fish could give me some info on them?


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Sorry I know this is the FOWLR forum, but people on this forum seem to know a good deal on the more aggressive and unique species.


That's not a salmon
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I've had a pair of leaf fish several years. I have never been able to get them to take frozen, so be prepared to feed live at least weekly (2-3 times a week is better). Avoid keeping them with aggressively stinging/engulfing corals. They cannot compete with aggressively feeding fish and cannot escape from "pickers".

I have kept mine with seahorses, orchid dottyback, blennies, six line wrasse, wolf eel, waspfish.

They are very cool, just be sure you can feed them and supply mellow tankmates. I have kept them in low to moderate flow tanks.