LED fixture with daily programming ability?


I currently have a Reefbreeders Photon V2 48" fixture on my 75 gallon LPS/softy reef. I love it, but the programming is limited to the same schedule each 24 hrs.

Was wondering if there are any LED fixtures which can be programmed for different schedules for each day of the week. Just wanted to experiment with creating a mixture of "sunny" and "cloudy" days for more realism. The ultimate would be to do this on a random basis, but I suspect this is really wishful thinking.

Thanks for any responses,

Vinny Kreyling

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Something had this capability years back.
Either the Solaris LED or the Neptune Aquacontroller.
The mind is a terrible thing after all these years there is just too many files.
Thanks Vinny. I'll look into the Solaris LED. Not sure I want to invest in an Aquacontroller.. Have an old Reefkeeper which is actually doing quite fine for what I need.



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I know I’ve heard of systems doing this (years back) but don’t remember the system or if it was a programmable daily thing or click a button. I’m not aware of any of the new fixtures having this