LF: RO/DI canisters


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Looking for a Dual stage DI system... i don't need the DI Resin or anything.... I really am just looking for RO/DI containers that are two in a row. If you have one with a Dual TDS meter on it as well that be awesome I could use it for something else in my RO/DI system. Or a whole system I guess...

My TDS in Glendale is 455-470... pretty crappy if you as me. I was thinking of doing two things to length the life of my sediment filters....

1) Spend $170 on Spectrapures new LOADMAXXâ„¢ Back Washable Sediment Pre-Filter


2) Run right out the spigot an inline Pressure Gauge to a Dual RO/DI canister set up with 10 micron filter and than a 5 micron filter coming out to another inline Pressure gauge. The pressure gauges would allow me to see when there is a 5 PSI drop in pressure that the sediment filters need to be changed. In theory this would allow me to only have to change the pre-filter sediment filters every 4-6months and extend the life of my RO/DI Sediment filter and carbon filters from being changed on a 9-12month rotations...

Thoughts? I know option #1 being the loadmaxx is essentially a filter I guess from what I have read that you never have to change. You just backwash it and there ya go.


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LOL im pricing it out to buy basically a dual stage DI set up from them minus the media plus 2 pressure gauges...Its about 79 bucks plus shipping... I bet I can call Spectrapure and have them give me a Dual DI set up with 2 pressure gauges (one on either end) and the TDS meter not attached for the same or less... I will have to call them tomorrow

Or do I just do this....http://www.spectrapure.com/St_FILTER_ASSEMBLY.htm Esp if I NEVER have to replace the filter (which I am asking them caus ethe replacement filter is $80)