Lifegard Quiet One


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This pump has proven to be the quietest pump I have ever owned. The problem with this pump is that it doesn't last long.
This is probably the reason it is no longer being made. They
have come up with the other Quiet One pump but it really
isn't as quiet as the original one.
Does anyone know where I can still purchase the original
Lifegard Quiet One Pump? Better than that does anyone
know if there is someone out there who can repair the
pumps I have that have failed over a period of time.
Thanks alot for any info you can provide.

Charles Stein
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When you state "doesn't last long", are you referring to that the whole unit just doesn't operate? Or does it mean you can just change the impellar? It seems as if your stating that the whole unit just stops working?


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unit stops pumping. Sometimes it starts pumping then stops
anywheres up to 30 minutes later. Some one mentioned the
unit heats up and the thermal overload protection kicks in and
stops the unit from functioning. I recently purchased 3 used
units one of which looked brand new and didn't run at all.