Lighting for JBJ 24 gallon cube


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I recently acquired a 24 gallon jbj AIO and I was wondering want led's to put on it. I am leaning towards putting a few par 38's on it, because they are very budget friendly. How many of these should I put on for an sps tank. Or how many should I put on if I decide to just do softies?



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I used a Steve's LED Upgrade kit on my 28G JBJ nanoCube. Was very happy with it.

They sell upgrade kit for the 24G JBJ as well - LINK


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OC PAR 36 dimmable complete reef spectrum 36 watts X 2 would = ~ 150 watt MH and they run ~ 90 each and are very bright. I think they can work on optics if you want to change but the standard 90 degrees would work well.