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Hi all!

I just received my first mantis, an OS, from FFE. I have been reading this forum for several months and prepared the tank based on what I have learned. Thanks to all of you for sharing your knowledge. I have a question.

I understand from what I have read here that mantis shrimp do not need, and may not like, bright light. I was hoping to have plenty of caulerpa in the tank to help with water quality, algae control (since the clean up crew is what's for dinner) and to encourage the mantis to adopt more green shades when she molts. But I think caulerpa needs plenty of light. Do you think my mantis will be okay with 100 watts from a pc on a 30 g tank? She has a deep dark pvc burrow she already adopted for home base and she hangs half way out of it most of the time.

As long as she can retreat well into the dark burrow, no problem. Caulerpa is a good solution to Nirates and I've had good luck using it.

My 20 gal peacock tank has much less wattage than that and the caulerpa still does fine. It keeps the bottom part of the tank nice and dim for the mantis. Whenever I thin it out she just pulls the remaining caulerpa down to the bottom to keep the light level the same. Makes it hard to take digital photos when I don't have a flash. :)