Livestock Clean Up Crew - Reef Central Special Prices - Limited


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We put together a clean up force for you at incredible prices. We have placed large orders for all of these items and they should be here this week. If they arrive on time, we can possibly ship some orders this week and rest next week. The prices are 50-75% off our regular prices. You must order in certain numbers listed below. You can use the online program links or call in the order. Be sure to mention the PowerBuy to get these prices. We will do our best to get you the delivery day of your choice, but please give us some flexiblity on this type of order.

These prices are good until end of July, so please hurry and get the order places. We can't accept backorders on these, if we sell out, that's it.


L-REEF-BH Reef Special Baha Hermit $0.75 (25 minimum)
L-REEF-BS Reef Special Baha Snail $0.75 (25 minimum)
L-REEF-MG Reef Special Margarita Snail $0.75 (25 minimum)
L-REEF-NR Reef Special Nerite Snail $0.75 (25 minimum)
L-REEF-CK Reef Special Sand Cucumber $3.00 (1 minimum)
L-REEF-EM Reef Special Emerald Crab $3.00 (1 minimum)
L-REEF-SP Reef Special Serpent Star $3.00 (1 minimum)
L-REEF-BF Reef Special Brittle Star $3.00 (1 minimum)
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