looking for 1" inside diameter black vinyl tubing....

Let me see what I have for sure, and I'll get back to you later on. A softy/zoa frag would be cool.
Menards on 59 and 135th have a few different sizes of black vinyl tubing. Not sure if it goes up to 1 inch id though.
thanks for the heads up Highlander. I just called menards and they do sell the 1" ID black vinyl tubing, but the shortest length they sell is 100' and that would leave me with an extra 96' feet of tubing :eek2:
criccio.... any word on the tubing?

ostrow.... if criccio doesn't have any available i am going to order some from marine depot. would you like to order some as well?
ostrow.... wannemakers sells the 1" ID black vinyl tubing by the foot. i think they said it was $1.89/foot. i am going to pick some up tomorrow morning. lmk if you want me to get you some.

I'd love some. Call it 10' to allow for errors! See ya next week?!? Oops. Travelling starting Wed. Week after probably. Thanks!
As long as I have a bit more than 5' I'm fine. I said 10 for me in case I screw something up, which I have a penchant for doing!
Thanks. If I can't pick up Mon or Tues, and it'll be tough, then a week from Monday for sure. Thanks much Rob!