Looking for a good 150 HQI bulb for aqualight pro fixture.


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I am getting a used 150 HQI coralife aqualight pro for a pretty good price and wanted to change out the bulb. I am looking for a blue bulb that will fluoresce my corals the most. I heard some of the 14K bulbs do a good job. I am looking for sort of an actinic effect without too much of a blue wash/look.

Please help me out with some suggestions.

So far I am interested in the 14K Phoenix bulb or it.

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i have the 48 inch aqualight pro and i use aqualine 10k halides with the sunpaq dual actinic u get great color and all the different flourencence you want i love the look
I have the 48" outer orbit fixture. 2x150W 10k MH/2x130 W 420/460nm actinic. I hate the yellow look. I ordered the 14k phoenix 150W (just came out I guess). I see alot of pictures and everything with 14k and they don't even use supplemental lighting and the colors are amazing.