Looking for a powder blue tang


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I'd prefer to buy one from someone's established tank, not from the fish store. I know it's a longshot, but maybe someone has one they would like to sell, or knows a friend with one.


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Well that's going to be a tough one. If you were going to get one from the store, Aquarium Arts has a bunch of them. I was there yesterday.


I'm not the the Tang police or anything, but be advised a Powder Blue would likely become horribly aggressive in a 90. I had an Achilles in a 135 for 5 years and he was brutally aggressive at times, particularly with new fish.

Good call looking for an established one, although unlikely anyone would ever want to part with one. Definately a fish I would never order on the internet without seeing.


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I agree with Sarah that getting an established one is a good idea. Eliminates the stress and disease potential that comes from newly established powder blues.

I got one from a local reefer and he is doing great and at 2.5 inches, he has to be the smallest powder blue I have ever seen. Just be patient. One will come up sooner or later.


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Yeah...and he is my last fish that I plan on adding, so hopefully he won't be too bad with the others. I have noticed that any fish I've ever bought from local reefers have ALWAYS done well.
They've never gotten sick or had disease, because they're already adjusted to tank life. The powder blues are a little harder to keep just because introducing healthy ones is more difficult.


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i was looking for powder blue last week and finances kept me from getting one , so i bought a powder brown instead and i have a 90 gal so i hope that was the right choice he is doing great so far