looking for pulsing xenia and maybe different lighting


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anyone have a small frag they want to give me? or for cheap? somewhere in st. pete...

Im also looking to get a new lighting setup. would prefer halide over PCs but lemme know what you have. need something small (20'' and under) for my 20g tank.

will also trade acrylic work for corals/livestock/equipment. would prefer not to build any tanks, but can do sumps and whatnot.
ah I dont really have much experience on something that large, just small medical displays and whatnot...
There is someone down in Bradenton that buffs out tanks. I think he are on the Acros forum.
There is a guy in Sarasota that buffed mine. His name is Andrew and I believe it is Musical on RC. He was great.
I have some free pulsing xenia, about 5 or 6 frags of it. It's free to whoever wants to come and pick it up.
brad have some xenia i can give you when we meet up and i give you the rock too. just lemme know when you are ready for it i have 2 different species.
anyone know what the guys name who buffs tanks in sarasota. i have a tank that could use a good polishing. also can he do it while tank is full