looking into T5 lights, someone guide me in right direction please.

Chad Vossen

New member
its a 37 gallon tank, about 30" x 12" and 21 inches deep. give or take.

in 3 months im moving my saltwater "kids" into this tank.

i have read a bunch on t5 lights. i didnt understand much at all but that many people have kept sps under them with sucess. right now im limited to lps and softys and xenia lol. i wish to move up in the world to the monti and acros.

i would like to build this setup to save money. if that is even true. heh
but yea, i dont know alot about all the different ballast and such.

anyone mind pointing me in the right direction, any kinds of t5 setups that would be best, average price of actual setup, any light combinations for best colorations. any extra info works too.

thank you all very much, i wish i had more time to look at this myself, but thats about as limited as my funds.
Here's the definitive thread on the topic...50+ pages of Q&A and opinions... My conclusion after reading is Sunlight Supply TEK lights at ReefGeek.com for best blend of quality, service and cost.
a lot of people use reefgeek and the tek lights. but the icecap or the aqualux reflectors are better than the tek reflectors...
i use aqualuxlighting.com because they have great customer service, unbeatable prices, and alternative t5ho equipment at lower cost.

plus, aqualux only sells t5ho related items.