Wavemaker placement in my Waterbox 25 gallon peninsula

Im in the market for a wavemaker because, I assume i need it to get rid of deadzones since my return is "only" 800 litres p/h and ive got some questions:

- do i even need it?
- Im looking at a nero 3 but not sure if the outside magnet can be submerged (this will go into my next question)
- where is the best placement? I thought under the sump intake near the bottom to create bottom flow, but that means the magnet will be submerged and also hard to get to.

looking forward to all your suggestions
I have no experience with Waterbox or Neros. But, the Nero, for that size tank, would be more than enough flow. If it's too much you can always dial it back.

I would not submerge the exterior magnet. I don't believe it is made to be submerged (like other exterior powerhead magnets) and could leach metals into the tank.

Looking at the Waterbox and Nero, the Nero doesn't seem to allow a lot of articulation. So, I don't know that there's really a good place to put it in that tank.

Again, I have no experience with either of these products, this is JMO based on pictures on the manufacturers' websites.
just as english isn't my 1st language, what exactly do you mean by articulation in this sense?
Being a very visual person, this might be a bit difficult for me to explain. From AI's website, the picture below doesn't seem like it has a lot of room to, "aim" it. But, like I said, I've never used these so I very well could be incorrect.

I have the same tank and I put a Tunze on each side. Way over kill. Both are turned way down.One facing up and one down.I think a tunze 60.40 would be enough on the return side. I thought about putting it on the back but didn’t want to put the magnet under water though I think you can with no problem. I think Tunzes are the best you can get. I’ve been running them for 10+ years with no problems. I have 5 of them.
To clarify, the Jebao WP series (which I don't believe they make anymore) has much more articulation to be able to move around to aim it where you want.
As for the exterior magnets, you could always coat them with some liquid rubber. It’s safe once dry
i liked how small the nero 3 is, so i went for that one. Will update if its too much flow and/or where i found the best place for it!