Looking to buy corals and nems


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Hi guys, I recently moved to Florida, Ft Lauderdale area and starting my tank. I've been in this hobby for 6 years. Looking to get corals anemones and clownfish for now.
Let me know please!


I'm an American, and I remember
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Selling and trading forums FAQ
Does Reef Central have selling and trading forums? If so, why can't I see them?

Reef Central has several forums dedicated to selling and trading reef-specific items and livestock by non-commercial entities. These forums are accessible to those members who have contributed 50 posts and have been a member for at least 90 days.

Why does Reef Central have this rule? I don't post much, I just like to browse the selling forums.

The mission of Reef Central is to be an information resource for saltwater aquarists. Our focus is not to be a marketplace. We do offer these forums as a benefit for contributing members, and the 50/90 rule developed from a desire to give members of our community some degree of assurance that persons who participate in the selling and trading forums have some degree of history with the board.

That isn't fair. I have purchased thousands of dollars of items from the selling forums. Why am I punished for not posting?

Reef Central is not Craigslist or Ebay. We do not exist to provide a venue for selling and trading. If you wish to use the resources of the largest reefing bulletin board in the world, you must participate in our community.

I know I have posted more times than it shows under my name. How come all my posts don't show up?

Posts in some forums (the Lounge and Feedback forum for example) do not count towards your post count.

If I have to have 50 posts, I will just go out and post 50 times today.

If it appears that you are posting merely to boost your post count ("nice tank", "looks good") instead of adding some value to our community, it is likely other users will report your posts as "post padding" and your post count will be adjusted accordingly.

Ok, I have been a member for 90 days and I just made my 50th post, but I still can't see the selling and trading forums.

The software does not instantly recognize your change in status. During daily scheduled maintenance the system will automatically upgrade your account. It may take up to 24 hours for your account status to be upgraded.

Can I just post my items for sale in another forum, like my local club forum?

Yes. Selling and trading is allowed in two areas on the board - the selling and trading designated forums, and in local club forums. The 50/90 rule is specifically designed for the selling and trading forums (those who do not meet the above criteria are blocked from accessing those forums). We now allow members to participate in buying and selling threads in their local club forums, even if they have not met the 50/90 guidelines. However, we encourage all members to participate in the main forums and if we encounter members that exhibit a pattern of only selling things and not participating in the forums, we will remove their posts. This change in policy is merely to allow newer members the opportunity to participate in buying and selling in their local club while they build a reputation on the board, it is not intended to be a method for people to indefinitely dodge the 50/90 rule.

Ok, I have met the requirements and have the forums available to me. What rules should I remember?

Selling and trading is reserved as a perk for members who contribute to the community by posting in the general forums. If you choose to offer items to the community you must be an active member in the general forums as well.
The selling and trading forums exist as a service for our members to trade or sell their reef related items. They are not intended in any form or fashion to be used as a commercial outlet. Please keep in mind that being seen as commercial does not necessarily require you having a brick and mortar or online store. Selling with the foremost thought of making money, having a large inventory, a constant supply of an item, buying and reselling, growing out coral with the intention of selling and other factors will at a minimum make you appear commercial according to our guidelines. Recognizing that it is impossible to construct a definition which will satisfy every situation or circumstance, Reef Central reserves the right to determine whether or not a post violates the commercial post policy or definition. Violation of this policy will be grounds for removal from our community.
Please follow proper etiquette in these forums. Selling and trading threads are not for discussion or feedback. Feedback should be posted in the feedback forums only. Feedback and off topic post in selling and trading forums will be removed without notification. If you wish to purchase or trade please post. However, if you only wish to comment on the quality of someone else's trade item or the price with no intention of buying or trading please keep those thoughts to yourself. This type of post only sidetracks the thread away from the goal of the original poster which is selling or trading their item.
You are expected to place a FIRM asking price in your thread. Threads without an listed price, auctions, group buys, "first to PayPal", "gauging interest", "selling for a friend", and "best-offer" threads are not allowed and will be removed with or without notice on a daily basis. Links to Ebay and other selling sites will also be removed. The trading or sales of non-reef-related items is not allowed on Reef Central.
If you are selling locally only and do not want to ship, it would be to your advantage to place your location (City and State) in the subject line of your thread.
If you want to sell via the Selling Forums please post your items in your thread, not just a link
Do not post to bump for the seller, make comments on the items being offered or the person listing the items for sale. Only post if you are interested in making a purchase. Posts not directly related to making a purchase will be removed and may result in infractions being issued for the poster. Five infractions will result in a loss of selling forum and private message privileges.
This and all other selling rules also apply for selling in the club forums.

ANYTHING YOU OFFER HERE, in a thread you start, or one you answer MUST BE CLEARLY PRICED, even if that price is free. If you're offering a trade, you must set a value for your item, or be specific about what you want in trade.