LTA worries


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So i have had a LTA for about 1 week now, my first anenome, my tank is over a year old and i have not lost a fish in over 6 months. My LTA attached at first just fine, and then today i come in and it is not attached, the anenome is still spread out, not as much, but it its foot is out in the water, not on the ground and it is pushed up against the glass and my clarki is still hosting it. Should i turn off all my flow (protien skimer, poweheads, and filter) so it has a chance to re-attach or should i not worry about it?


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What lights do you have? What lights was it under when you bought it?
How deep is your sand bed (( and how big is the LTA ))
Water parameters (( with numbers ))

However, I would turn down the flow -- but leave the filter and protein skimmer running. LTAs are fans of large amounts of flow, but seem to handle it better once settled in, so now would be the time to slow it down.