Made a new iPhone app for the ReefAngel


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This is my first time working with iOS development so it's not very fancy, but it works. The goal was to be able to display latest sensor reading and the statuses of the equipment plugged in. Additionally, provide a way to mask equipment on or off and then put it back into auto mode for the controller to decide what to do.

It's quite easy reading and writing to the controller. An http request is sent to the adapter and a piece of xml containing all the values/statuses is returned. Likewise masking a piece of equipment requires only sending another request with some values in the query string and the response is the same xml with the latest values/statuses.

Still debating on buying a dev licence to post to the app store and offer it as a download. Either way, once I tie up some loose ends, I will make the source available for download so users with a Mac will be able to tweak it around. What do you guys think? Missing anything?

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