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I finally caught this little bugger! I tried DIY traps, the glass against his rock trick and no luck. I gave in and bought a "professional" trap a few weeks ago and had all but given up on that working too. I have not fed my tank for 6 days and figured that Mr. Mantis would be plenty hungry by now, so I baited the trap this morning and put it near his cave. I couldn't believe it when 15 mins later, out he came! Went right into the trap and BANG!, He was caught!! Right in front of my eyes!
So much time and energy went into catching him I just can't believe how easy he went for the same bait that he turned his little nose up at all this time.
Anyhow, he's not long for this world if noone wants to come and get him. I'd prefer someone local that can pick him up, I don't want the hassel of shipping it out. Is anyone close by looking for one? I had promised him to someone, but don't remember who, so he's up for grabs. No charge, if you can come and get him, you can have him. I wouldn't refuse a frag or two in trade though!
I have a couple of pix, they're not real good so I'll give a quick description. He's blue, a nice light blue, about 2.5" maybe 2.75" with some red highlights on his back and cool looking yellow legs. I'll attempt to post the pix now.
I remember you had an old thread where you were asking for help on how to catch him and you said the persons advise that helps you catch him can have him, and I remember giving you some advise and asked if I could have him if you caught him and you agreed.
I see you're in Wisconsin, a fairly long drive! I'd really rather not ship. It would be much better for me to turn him over to someone local, that could come and get him. If you have the means to come and get him, he's yours. I don't know how long he'll last in the bucket I put him in, and I know it's superbowl Sunday, but there must be someone near me that wants this creature.
Put an aerator in with the poor fellow and he will last longer in the tub. I live in Mississippi, or I would come get him. I have an extra tank around I would love to get started again. Tina
I found a LFS that gave me a $25.00 credit for him today. Sorry, but he's gone.
Good thing you keep you promises, OH WAIT YOU DON'T. In the future when you say you are going to give it to some one keep you promise and DON'T LIE.
I'm sorry if you feel I have wronged you. Shipping it just wasn't an option. The hours I work on Mon. & Tues. wouldn't have allowed me to get it out before Wed., and even that isn't guaranteed. I felt it would be cruel to keep the animal in a bucket full of old, room temp. water for that long.
BTW, could you reference the thread where I promised it to YOU?
I posted under my old user name msjn771, and I asked if I could have him. You emailed me and agreed and asked if shipping was need, I said yes and you said as soon as you catch him I could have him. Now from that I really think you would do what you say,
I used a trap called "the Xterminator" I picked it up at a LFS (Total Aquariums in Lynbrook) for about $10.00 and baited it with a silverside.
I tried it for weeks with no luck. I finally didn't feed the tank for 6 days, then, I baited the trap and set it in place. Within 15 mins. I watched him crawl from his cave right into the trap!
Thanks DgenR8,

I haven't been to that LFS, do you consider it to be a good one? I'm always looking for new stores in LI.

Thanks again,