Mantle not fully expanding


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My maxima's incurrent siphon is closed and therefore the mantle is not extending as usual ,about half.I've had this clam for two years doing very well until this.I noticed at two occasions some white stuff coming out of the incurrent siphon which is quite unusual.The stuff that came out looks like the little white part of egg white.I feed my tank 1/4 cup of phyto everyday in a 70 gal tank and my water parms are; Ca 400 alk 10 pH 8.2.The clam sits 18" below a 250W Iwasaki MH.
I also have another max right next to it and is doing well as expexted.

Thank you for your help.

Robert hello,
How big is the clam and how long has it been doing this? The first thing that comes to my mind depending on it's size is it spawning?
Hi Jim,

The clam's mantle has been like this for 2 weeks and the clam is 5" long.I have only notice the white substance twice.I must say that the clam's mantle has been fully open for the last two days and seems to be doing well.If it was spawning it gave me a good scare because of how the clam looks during this time, I thought it was dieing.Just hope that it was spawning.

In the event that it was spawning, what are the chances if any of getting an offspring from it?

The chances are zero! So right now the clam is doing well? Your lighting sure is the right type. Have you ever tried feeding Dts or the is a product Liquid Life?
Hi Jim ,
I feed my tank with home cultured phyto everyday about 1/4 cup.
The clam is still doing well today.It must have been spawning.