MDL thumbs up!


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RC community,

A couple of weeks ago I posted some bad feedback for MDL so when a vendor makes good and goes out of their way for a customer they should get some good feedback and all too often that does not happen. Here is THE REST OF THE STORY.

I just thought I would let everyone know that the transaction went off smoothly. Jim was a good guy to deal with and very understanding on the phone. He took immediate care of my problem and the clowns as well as the rest of my livestock are happily in the tank. They are all surviving nicely and the quality of the livestock was very, very good.

I recommend dealing with MDL but I would definitely ask for Jim by name. (Sorry Jim you will probably be a busy man!). I am so pleased with Jim's personal handling of our transaction that I have decided to call Jim late next week to see about some Liverock(Is the fiji looking good Jim?) for my new 75 gal. So would I order from them again...guess the answer is YES!

Just thought that since the transaction went through perfectly I should give some props the MDL.....I was more than pleased by the outcome of the order...

thanks Jim,