Testing regime

I know I’m testing alot but my levels need stabilising and I’m having to put the gfp reactor on for an hour a day currently, was 1 and half as above it was dropping close to 0
Nitrates I’m not bothered about being at 4 I think the caluerpa and dsb is keeping them low
Alk, mag and calc because I’m waiting for my sps and clam to start using it and need to monitor so I can prepare to add a stirrer when it’s a feasible amount that 2 part dosing becomes expensive
Rather than a weekly 30ml shot I’ll add it to my ato that takes a week to empty, should in effect keep nitrates at 3-4
Let’s see
Todays results for icp comparison

Temp 25.5
Salinity 1.026
Orp 192
Ph 8.1
Calcium 545
Mag 1410
Nitrate 4-10 ( ran out of regent but constant )
phos 0.08
Kh 7.7
A bit crude yet but if I’m consuming .7 dkh in 2 days the I need about 6g per day of carbonate powder x7 = 42g per week , ato tank empties in 9 days so 54g per tank
Kh 7, dripping up to 7.7
30g of buffer added for 7 days, let’s see if it’s going to stabilise the kh , may need adjustment