Testing regime

Magnesium is hard to test for and the error range can be high between tests.
It is hard to tell when the reagents change color because it is subtle. Not only that one larger drop vs smaller can make a difference.
Luckily the acceptable range is wide for magnesium.
That said I rarely ever test for it. I wish they offered test kits with fewer tests in because mine expires way before I finish using it.
It should be tested for but once a tank is stable and dialed in not as much. Alk is the one thing that should be tested weekly or more because it can swing rapidly.
Kh checked every 2-3 days
Po4 I’m trying to find out the hours per day but it’s a pain cause it exhausts and then the time is much reduced
Raising kh to 8 so I’ve a bit more of a margin for when I add the 8 acros tomorrow because I’ll need to calculate usage and I have no idea what will happen