Methods of Aiptasia Control in zoa colony


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Currently in my reef my poor zoas are getting annihilated by invasive aiptasia. Half my zoas are closed. I have tried a cb butterfly which worked until it started eating my open brain. Aiptasia X by blue vet killed my maze brain and some zoas and no aiptasia!(It claims reefsafe but clearly is not!) What can I do?? Should I try another butterfly? What about bristle tail files?
I used joes Juice and got 2 peppermint shrimp I did it a month ago and it seems to be under control.

Not to mention the shrimp are a blast to watch.
These zoas are in a shark tank... Sharks like shrimp. I've tried peppermints they worked until my bamboo had a snack. I think I'l try another cb butterfly, he was pretty easy. Anyone have success with a cb who ate aiptasia but not lps corals like brains?
So I have 10+ colonies Zoos dotted around my tank with all sorts of other corals in there.

I'm Interested in your comments about Apistias X killing stuff. I've used it a couple of times, and by injecting the mixture onto the Apistia, it cleared the nasties out. In fact my Peppermint shrimp that had ignored a couple of Apistias until I squrted them, and then it jumped on them and devoured them in minutes.

I've not seen any detrimental effects of the A-X, did you apply too much, or apply it into the water, rather than onto the Apistia.
There are apparently 2 types of ax. One made by red sea which I've heard works well and one made by Blue vet which I used and it killed many many animals.

No one ever use blue vet Aiptasia x!!!
look into Berghia verrucicornis. It is a Nudibranch that only eats Aiptasia. Either that or add like 20 Peppermints. The shark will eat them slowly but they should put a dent in the Aiptasia in the mean time.
look into Berghia verrucicornis. It is a Nudibranch that only eats Aiptasia.

I've got a buddy that has done this. You buy a few and turn them lose in the tank after lights out. They disappear into the rock work and begin to munch and multiply. After a month or so, they have multiplied enough to start to mow down the aiptasia. When they run out of food, they die.... so when you get thin of aiptasia you can catch them and sell them.....