MH Question


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So I am stuck in the good old question "To use T5's or use MH?"

My tank is a standard AGA 75 (4' long), and I will be keeping clams at the bottom, sps middle to top, and zoos/softies at the bottom. So, honestly what would be better T5's or MH?

If I go MH where the heck do I put that big ballast box? I want everything to be hidden on my tank.


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I switched from t-5 to Metal Halides and I am using t-5 actinics. I am glad that I made the switch i like the lighting much better. I didnt notice any significant increase in electric bill which I thought that I would. seems to me that everything is happier in the tank. The only negative thing that I have found is I had to take the top of the canopy off for heat issues so the room is a little brighter but its not soemthing that I can't deal with. Beats having a chiller. I used ice cap ballasts and they are not as big as the PFO ballasts which are like 10" X 10" HTH


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Another quick questions is for MH the fixtures I am looking at have the following:

2x150w HQI + 4x54w T5
2x250w HQI + 4x54w T5

Which one would be better? Do I really need 2x250w HQI's if there is 4x54w t5's?