Midas Blenny and Kole tang


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anyone kept these two together?
i know the kole doesnt get along with a lawnmower but wondering if it would be better with a blenny that is considered to be an omnivore.
tank would be a 180.


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I think they should be fine, especially in a 180. My kole tang doesn't bother anyone, I'm surprised yours doesn't get along with the lawnmower Blenny I always thought they were all pretty peaceful.


my yellow eye kole will chase the tail spot blenny all the time. The kole also seems to often have a fresh bite mark on his side from picking fights with the royal gramma.


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Koles are very territorial as to other herbivores. They will chase starry blennies and lawnmower blennies, too.

Midas blennies are planktivores so may not be viewed as competition. Or they may be chased based on body shape. I don't have first-hand experience with this combo.